"Un tanar implicat este un tanar bogat"

ASOCIATIA DE TINERET ONIX - "Un tanar implicat este un tanar bogat"

U18 Project of SABBEEN GROUP – a good opportunity for disseminating BEST project results!

Being part in a new stage of the project, dissemination and multiplication, U18 partnership building project was the perfect opportunity for disseminating and multiplying for all the results gained in BUILD EUROPE THROUGH SPORT project developed in Ramnicu Sarat between 11-19 august 2014. Considering the topic of U18 project developed also under ERASMUS PLUS Program and having this time SABBEEN GROUP (Italian organization also partner in BEST project) as beneficiary, the project succeeded to build and sustain a strong connection between the results of our project and a new vision concerning in developing new partnerships in European Union starting from previous contacts.

One of the most interesting activities developed was a PROJECT BAZAR in which the focus of Onix Youth Association was to present the results and management process of BUILD EUROPE THROUGH SPORTS project in front of all partners coming from 10 countries. The idea promoted by our organization was built on the sustainable impact produced after the implementation of BEST project in all 6 communities thanks to a strong communication, collaboration and involvement in all three stages of the project. It was a successful presentation in which a very important role was represented by the promotion of principles which made possible the project and which also were implemented during the youth exchange. On the other hand, our organization presented in a dynamic way, using also promotion materials, the vision of the project which was in accord with the specific objectives of our Ngo: promoting sport, a healthy lifestyle and a sustained access of youth in the field of sport and for the decision making process.

Together with this activity, the presentation made on paper was analyzed in a workshop by all the youth leaders presented, it generating a lot of positive impact results and appreciation through a strong representation made by Florin Ceparu – Project Manager in BEST project and President of Onix Youth Association and Maria Constantinescu – participant in BEST project.

Florin Ceparu – Manager de proiect

Articol realizat in cadrul proiectului BUILD EUROPE THROUGH SPORTS derulat cu sprijin financiar din partea Uniunii Europene in cadrul Programului ERASMUS PLUS, Actiunea cheie 1 – Mobilitati ale tinerilor.